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Deep Magic for 5th Edition

 Format: Hardcover  Author: Kobold Press  Category: D&D, D&D 5E, RPG Systems, World Building & Game Mastering  Publisher: Kobold Press  Published: October 6, 2020  ISBN: 9781936781317  Tags: Game MasteringWorld Building |  Buy Now

Deep Magic for 5th Edition!

Our kobold minions have traveled the planes, seeking the secrets of magic: unearthing ancient tomes of forgotten civilizations, bargaining with demons and creatures of the void, and scaling the towers of shadow fey mages.

Now they pass along their hard-won knowledge to you in DEEP MAGIC, an arcane series for 5th edition! Here you’ll find new schools of magic, arcane traditions, new and variant spells, magical feats, spell-slinging NPCs, and more.

Deep Magic for 5th Edition Hardcover, Pocket Edition, Softcover, and PDF
Compiling, updating, and expanding the prior installments in one PDF with combined spell lists, new spells and subclasses, and appendixes of dark magic and variant spells. This PDF is 356 pages of pure magic!

DM1: Clockwork Magic

A clockwork cleric domain, warlock pact, wizards’ school, and 45 new and updated spells.

DM2: Rune Magic

Runes, feats, rituals, magic items, monsters, and 32 new or updated rune spells.

DM3: Void Magic

A Void school of magic and an arcane tradition, feats, and 13 new spells.

DM4: Illumination Magic

An Illumination school of magic, a new feat, 21 new spells, and an illuminator NPC.

DM5: Ley Lines

Specific to the Midgard setting, this installment includes a Geomancer arcane tradition, 2 new feats, new spells, and all the effects of tapping minor and major ley lines. Only the spells are included in the compiled book and PDF, not the Midgard material.

DM6: Angelic Seals

A celestial arcane tradition, 2 new feats, new spells, and the seals and wards of the heavenly powers.

DM7: Chaos Magic

A wizard tradition, details for arcane surges, a bardic college of entropy, plus spells of pure chaotic power.

DM8: Battle Magic

All the powers of a battle magic, ready to shape the battlefield! Includes 8 new feats and 25 spells.

DM9: Ring Magic

The power of the dwarven lords, imbued into magical rings and spells! Includes an arcane tradition, 12 spells, 4 magic items, and a new monstrous servant.

DM10: Shadow Magic

Make the darkness your friend, with a new rogue archetype in the Whisper, plus spells of deepest night!

DM11: High Elvish Magic

The magic of ancient days, restored to the present! Rituals and high magic galore!

DM12: Blood & Doom

One for the DM’s villains and blackguards! Evil magic for villains, blood mages, and antipaladins. Your doom is upon you, heroes!

DM13: Dragon Magic

Born in the bone, the magic of the scaled folk is ancient and powerful as the dragon mage tradition itself!

DM14: Elemental Magic

Fire, earth, wind, and water! You know these elements, but these spells are new takes on familiar elements.

DM15: Heiroglyphic Magic

Ancient gods and timeless magic from desert tombs! With some similarities to Rune Magic, this form of magic depends on writing and ritual.

DM16: Time Magic 

Skip around a timeline and run circles around foes—just don’t trip yourself up in the process!

DM17: Mythos Magic

From the Necronomicon to the elder things from beyond time, this 20-page collection of horrific magic is not for the faint of heart!

DM18: Combat Divination

Always seeing slightly into the future, this 20-page collection of powerful battle magic puts combat casters a few seconds ahead!

DM19: Winter Magic

With an icy hand and a bitter heart, this 20-page collection of chilling magic proves that winter has come at last!

DM20: Alkemancy

With quicksilver and potions and an Eastern spin, this 20-page collection of infusions, acid rains, and transformation distills the arcane to its essences!

Compilation Errata Sheet

The official errata for the Deep Magic for 5th Edition hardcover compilation is available for free. These changes are already incorporated in the PDF version.

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