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Dune: Adventures in The Imperium – Fatal Journey

 Format: PDF  Author: Modiphius Entertainment  Category: Dune RPG  Publisher: Modiphius Entertainment  Published: September 14, 2023  Tags: Adventure |


In Fatal Journey, identifying who committed a crime may not be as important as understanding why they did.

The player characters are passengers on board a Guild Heighliner when a serious crime is committed. One of the other passengers is brutally murdered during the journey and until the murderer is found, the Heighliner is forced to hold its position and allow no one to leave. If the murderer were able to escape the Heighliner and go to ground planetside, it is unlikely they would ever be caught. As agents of a powerful House, the player characters may have skills that can help with the murder investigation and thus minimise the delay for themselves, the other passengers, and the powerful Spacing Guild itself.

Unfortunately, they may discover that the situation is a lot more complex than it first seems. Is this just a straightforward murder or is there something else afoot? If the player characters simply want to get the Heighliner moving again, they need only find the murderer, but if they find out why the murder was committed they could be faced with a difficult decision. What should they do about it and who should they tell? Each choice comes with its own perils and rewards, but with no way to contact their House until the matter is resolved, the characters will need to make a decision on their own that could have far-reaching consequences for everyone involved.

This stand-alone 19-page PDF adventure for Dune – Adventures in the Imperium is set entirely on board a Guild Heighliner and can easily be inserted into an existing campaign when player characters need to travel between worlds. The adventure is predominantly one of investigation and, although there is a threat of combat, it is possible to complete this adventure without resorting to violence.

You will need access to the game rules to play. The Dune – Adventures in the Imperium Core Rulebook has these rules in their most complete form. However, the Agents of Dune campaign box set also contains all you need to play.

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