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How to Create History

- An Author’s Guide to Creating Histories, Myths, and Monsters
 Format: Softcover  Series: Author Guides  Author: Maythorne Press  Category: World Building & Game Mastering  Publisher: Maythorne Press  Published: April 27, 2021  ISBN: 9781838327330  Tags: Game MasteringWorld Building |  Buy Now

Want to create a rich history for your world, but don’t know where to start?

Need help creating a past that impacts on your characters and their stories?

How to Create History breaks the process down into easy-to-follow steps. By completing a series of creative prompts, this book will guide you from your present world, back through its deep history.

This workbook will help you to:

  • Create a historic timeline of important events
  • Tie your world’s history into its present to impact the lives of your characters
  • Use historic events to create a world that feels attached and connected to the past
  • Create ideologies and beliefs that raise the stakes and cause conflict

Work your way through prompts designed to fully integrate your world’s history into the story you’re writing. Learn how to create superstitions, beliefs, and monsters that can propel your characters forward, or stop them in their tracks.

Get How to Create History today, and take control of the past.

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