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Kingdoms & Warfare

 Format: Hardcover  Author: MCDM Productions  Category: D&D, D&D 5E, RPG Systems, World Building & Game Mastering  Publisher: MCDM Productions  Published: July 19, 2021  Buy Now

Run your own domain and go to war!

Kingdoms & Warfare allows players to lead an organization that takes on villainous realms in shadowy intrigues, and build an army to battle tides of enemies. Lead a thieves’ guild, holy church, noble court, or other domain to victory against a hag coven, undead dominion, or draconic empire!

Characters are still adventurers, but the stakes are higher. That dragon doesn’t just threaten you, it endangers your people. Dive into the new rules in this 320-page, full-color PDF that includes new action-oriented monsters, magic items, and a complete adventure that teaches you how to use domain intrigue and warfare.

You’re not just responsible for your party anymore.

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