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MagiMundi Bestiary for 5th Edition

 Format: Hardcover  Author: Inexorable Media, LLC  Category: D&D, D&D 5E, RPG Systems  Publisher: Inexorable Media, LLC  Published: November 8, 2021  ISBN: 9781945097089  Tags: Bestiary |  Buy Now

2020 Ennie Award Nominated Best Adversary / Monster Book! Enhance your game and surprise your adventuring party with never-before-seen fantasy beasts! Encounter new companions or familiars, new ingredients to harvest, beasts to battle, creatures to encounter, and treasure to find. From ancient and wise solitary creatures to hordes of vermin, from the truly terrifying to strange and unusual, it’s all here in the Magimundi Bestiary for the 5th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. Whether you’re crawling through dungeons, or encountering dragons, there are beasts and creatures for all party levels, from beginner to legendary. Full-color breathtaking illustrations accompany each entry. Beautiful hardcover edition has a glossy cover and is worthy of your shelf or gaming table.