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Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire – Far Horizons

- A Sourcebook for Colonists
 Format: Hardcover  Author: Fantasy Flight Games  Category: RPG Systems, Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire RPG  Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games  Published: January 1, 2014  ISBN: 9781616616915  Tags: Rules Expansion |  Buy Now

Colonists really are the unsung heroes of Star Wars. When other fringers get their hands cut off, Colonists patch them up. When confronted with strange and terrifying mysteries, it’s Colonists who cooly assess the situation, solve the problem, and identify the sleazy Hutt behind it all. And when the rest of the heroes get locked up by Imperial stormtroopers, Colonists whip crowds into a raging frenzy to burn down the garrison and free them. Now, Colonists are get the respect they deserve in Far Horizons.

This sourcebook features plenty of new content for the Colonist career. However, it should prove valuable for every character, with plenty of new material and information on making social encounters even more interesting, building your own homestead, and turning your character’s marketable skills into cold, hard cash during periods of downtime. New specializations, species, talents, spaceships, and gear will prove useful to anyone playing Edge of the Empire.

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