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Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire – Special Modifications

- A Sourcebook for Technicians
 Format: Hardcover  Author: Fantasy Flight Games  Category: RPG Systems, Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire RPG  Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games  Published: December 18, 2015  ISBN: 9781633442498  Tags: Rules Expansion |  Buy Now

The Technicians of the Star Wars® galaxy create artificial sentience, invent astonishing devices, and define the ways that wars are fought. In the Outer Rim they must be as resourceful as they are intelligent in order to invent solutions for the troubles they daily face. Special Modifications, a sourcebook for the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ roleplaying game, brings new talents, gear, vehicles and species to the Technician career. Within its pages is everything Technicians need – including guidelines on crafting devices and slicing – to step up their game.

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A full-color, 96-page supplement for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™
Adds Cyber Tech, Droid Tech, and Modder specializations to the Technician Career
Introduces Dugs, Besalisks, and Mustafarians as playable species
Features copious new gear including droids, vehicles, cybernetics and slicing tools
Offers expanded rules for slicing and for crafting devices, weapons, and droids

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