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Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire – Suns Of Fortune

- A Sourcebook for the Corellian Sector
 Format: Hardcover  Author: Fantasy Flight Games  Category: RPG Systems, Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire RPG  Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games  Published: December 31, 2013  ISBN: 9781616616854  Tags: Campaign SettingsRules Expansion |  Buy Now

“I’ve outrun Imperial starships, not the local bulk-cruisers mind you. I’m talking about the big Corellian ships now.”
– Han Solo

Obsah knihy:

Extensive details for one of the most iconic regions of the Star Wars galaxy
Modular encounters introduce exciting scenes and challenges that can serve as part of nearly any adventure
Three new species options for player characters: Drall, Selonians and Corellian-born humans
A treasure trove of new weapons, armor and gear, as well as some of the fastest ships in the galaxy

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