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The Terminator RPG: Campaign Book

 Format: Hardcover  Author: Nightfall Games  Category: RPG Systems, The Terminator RPG  Publisher: Nightfall Games  Tags: Adventure |  Buy Now

The Terminator RPG: Campaign Book is a 136-page Book of 15 interlinked missions for The Terminator RPG.

In the Dark Future, the Resistance stands on the cusp of victory. Skynet’s defense grid is vulnerable and John Connor has a plan to smash it and win the war. But the insidious AI has decided to play dirty, experimenting with time displacement technology in an attempt to shear the Resistance from its roots and murder its leader before he’s even born. The mission to save John Connor has already begun, but it isn’t the only battle that must play out in the past. The Resistance may start with Connor, but it ends with you.

In the distance, a nuclear mushroom cloud rises above a metropolis. In the foreground, the skeletal hand of a Terminator is thrust up between a pile of skulls.

Part of Nightfall Games’ Signature Series, this work contains original missions as well as scenarios inspired by the Terminator graphic novels. Designed for 3 to 6 players, the fifteen missions presented here form the framework of a series campaign that can start in the future and end in the past.

Curated by Andrew E.C. Gaska and E.L. Thomas, the Terminator Campaign Book features the talents of a wide variety of creators who offer points of view as varied as the ever-shifting timelines you struggle through in your war against the machines.

The future may seem set, but second chances lie in the past. Now more than ever, there is no fate but what you make for yourself.

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