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Vampire: The Masquerade – Forbidden Religions

 Format: Hardcover  Author: Renegade Game Studios  Category: RPG Systems, Vampire: The Masquerade 5E  Publisher: Renegade Game Studios  Published: January 26, 2022  Tags: Campaign Settings |  Buy Now

How dreadful, how perverse, how malicious would a Kindred faith need to be, to be considered “forbidden”?

Within this book you will learn of religions stricken from the records of vampire scholars. Within, you shall find a collection of beliefs, some pernicious enough to collapse domains, others so focused that they possess only a handful of coteries the world over. 

Each faith is clandestine. 

Each religion is taboo.

Cainites consider these beliefs anathematic to the fragile existence of Kindred society. Vampires do not advertise themselves as members of these cults: they plot, they survive, and they worship in secret. If they do not, they will surely be hunted to their final deaths, as threatened archons and Princes seek to silence their forbidden thoughts. 

Forbidden Religions includes:

  • A wide selection of belief systems, some widespread and cloaked in secrecy, others extreme in their focus, from Golconda-seekers and Gehenna cults to infernal religions and churches dedicated to methuselahs.
  • New powers, rituals, and coterie types befitting these religions.
  • New optional Loresheets, Merits, and Flaws, for use at character creation or to build into your characters as they gain experience.

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