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Dune: Adventures in The Imperium – Desert Flower

 Format: PDF  Author: Modiphius Entertainment  Category: Dune RPG  Publisher: Modiphius Entertainment  Published: January 2, 2023  Tags: Adventure |  Buy Now


Art can be viewed through many lenses and provoke powerful responses. Desert Flower explores what happens when a work of art endangers a planet’s future.

One of the Emperor’s most favored artists has come to Arrakeen to exhibit works portraying the harsh beauty of Arrakis and the lives of its people. The player characters’ House has been granted the responsibility of organising the exhibition. It should be a simple task to stage such a modest-yet-prestigious occasion. But of course, things do not go to plan. Investigating a problem with one of the paintings leads the player characters to pursue criminal elements and uncover evidence that something much bigger is afoot. Once revealed, it could threaten their lives, the standing of their House, and even the future of Arrakis. Ultimately, the player characters will face difficult decisions and dangerous people who may become allies or enemies depending on the players’ choices.

This stand-alone 19-page PDF adventure for Dune – Adventures in the Imperium is a great mix of social and investigative action, and explores the realities of life on Arrakis. Desert Flower also includes guidance on how to continue the adventure beyond the final page.

You will need access to the game rules to play. The Dune – Adventures in the Imperium Core Rulebook has these rules in their most complete form. However, the Agents of Dune campaign box set also contains all you need to play.

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