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Peril In Pinebrook

 Format: PDF  Author: Wizards Of The Coast  Category: D&D, D&D 5E, RPG Systems  Publisher: Wizards Of The Coast  Published: December 4, 2023  Tags: Adventure |  Buy Now

Peril in Pinebrook is a free, introductory adventure designed for new and young Dungeons & Dragons players and inspired by The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons. For a more accessible experience, it includes a simplified version of fifth edition’s rules and premade character sheets.

The adventure is recommended for four players, plus a Dungeon Master, and can be run in a single game session lasting 60 to 90 minutes, or be broken up into six 10- to 15-minute sessions. Peril in Pinebrook is only available to download as a PDF. Grab your copy today and jump into play within minutes!

What You’ll Find in Peril in Pinebrook

  • A short, self-contained adventure
  • Text for new Dungeon Masters to read aloud, including text for play setup
  • Tips for encouraging roleplay and keeping the adventure moving
  • 4 premade character sheets
  • Simplified rules, so there’s no need to reference other D&D rules

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