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- Let the Symbols of Power Speak to You
 Format: Hardcover  Author: Arcturus Publishing  Category: Things To Ponder, Things To Ponder Inspiration  Publisher: Arcturus Publishing  Published: November 1, 2023  Buy Now

Discover the magical potential of runes and how to cast them in this luxurious clothbound hardback, beautifully illustrated in full-colour.

From the history and mythology surrounding the runes to how they are used in divination and as talismans, this guide will reveal myriad aspects to the famous symbols. With the meanings of each rune clearly laid out, instructions on how to cast them and information on traditional ways of working with them, the reader will peer deeply into the mystery the runes represent. Full-colour illustrations and diagrams are used throughout for easy reference.

Chapters include:
• What are runes?
• Introducing the futharks
• Odin and Norse mythology
• Runes and divination
• How to draw or cast runes
• Rune names and meanings

This luxurious clothbound treasury is a wonderful companion to anyone wanting to learn about these ancient symbols and how their power can be harnessed in daily life.

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