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The Book Of Astrology

- A Complete Guide to Understanding Horoscopes
 Format: Hardcover  Series: The Mystic Archives  Author: Arcturus Publishing  Category: Things To Ponder, Things To Ponder Inspiration  Publisher: Arcturus Publishing  Published: November 15, 2023  Buy Now

Bestselling author Marion Williamson brings you a comprehensive guide to astrology, beautifully presented in a hardback gift edition with ivory pager, gilded page edges, patterned endpapers and a gold-embossed cover design.

Astrology is more than just the 12 signs of the zodiac – it’s a layered, multi-faceted tool for understanding ourselves and others. In this fascinating guide, you can discover what your sun sign says about you, who you are most compatible with romantically, and how you can progress in life with insights from the heavens above. More advanced ideas regarding aspects such as Mercury Retrograde, Moon Signs and other astrological terms are explained fully and permit the reader to begin their journey into this lifelong passion.

• Descriptions of all 12 signs
• Controversies about whether there is a 13th sign addressed
• Moon signs and their significance

Part of the beautiful Mystic Archives series, this ornate hardback is a wonderful companion for anyone wanting to align their life with the magic of the stars.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The Mystic Archives are beautiful hardcover guides which reveal the hidden mysteries of esoteric arts, presented with foil-embossing, Wibalin binding, patterned endpapers and gilded page edges.

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