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Star Trek Adventures: Star Trek: Lower Decks

- Campaign Guide
 Format: Hardcover  Author: Modiphius Entertainment  Category: RPG Systems, Star Trek Adventures RPG  Publisher: Modiphius Entertainment  Published: August 3, 2023  ISBN: 9781802810424  Tags: Campaign Settings |  Buy Now

“We’re more like the cool, scrappy underdogs of the ship.” – Ensign Beckett Mariner

The Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide expands upon the core Star Trek
Adventures roleplaying game experience by providing detailed advice on creating junior officers and using them to tell amazing Star Trek-style stories with the fun, irreverent tone presented in Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Whether you’re cleaning holodeck biofilters, conducting an anomaly consolidation day, participating in a second contact, or enjoying some well-earned Buffer Time, there’s always something new to encounter and learn, both within the universe and yourself and your fellow crewmates.

How will you make a name for yourself and your companions?

The 240-page, full-color hardback Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide contains:

An extensive discussion of the state of the Galaxy in the late 24th century, including updated information on the Federation, Starfleet, Pakleds, and more.
Detailed information on the lower decks junior officer experience, including daily life, procedures, career development, and more.
New lifepath options for player characters, including eight new playable species (including Cetaceans, Gorn, Pakleds, and Exocomps).
Game statistics and graphics for seven spaceframes, including the California, Obena, and Parliament classes, and game statistics for over 20 ships from Starfleet and other polities (as well as a selection of ground vehicles)!
New gear, technologies, and creatures, as well as a complete system for creating your own creatures.
A wealth of advice on gamemastering lower decks-style campaigns, whether you are playing a Starfleet campaign or one based on another polity.
More than 50 non-player characters to include in your games, pulled from a variety of polities and species.
A three-part mini-campaign focused on junior officers that can be adapted for use in other eras of play and with crews from any polity.
Includes a foreword written by Star Trek: Lower Decks creator, Mike McMahan!
This book requires a Star Trek Adventures core rulebook to use.

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