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- A Cinematic Adventure
 Format: Softcover  Author: Evil Genius Games  Category: Everyday Heroes  Publisher: Evil Genius Games  Published: October 1, 2023  Tags: Adventure |  Buy Now

What’s Inside

Incredible action cloaked in the mystique of military special forces—the world of Rambo invites you to walk in the shoes of highly skilled soldiers trained to rise up, show nearly superhuman endurance, and overcome any odds to accomplish your objective with the conviction and character of a professional warrior. Join the fight and successfully complete larger-than-life missions as you fight for what you believe is right.

Featured Content

  • Become a one-person army (or a several-person army) and do devastating damage to your enemies.
  • Do the military’s bidding or take on government contracts. Either you control your destiny—or someone else will.
  • Set traps and hunt down enemies just like the notorious John J. Rambo.
  • Destabilize governments, quell rebellions or take down dictators. It’s all in a day’s work.
  • Mow down hordes of bad guys with 5e compatible mass casualty mechanics.

The Cool Factor

The world of Rambo invites players to engage in any number of realistic military missions set in today’s landscape. Game masters can leverage real-world conflicts, trouble spots, contemporary issues, and modern politics as they lead you on the adventures you’re facing, creating possibilities that honor the military warrior that lives within you. Navigate the complexities of war—from protecting aid workers and refugees, to confronting soldiers of fortune and more—while wielding special combat skills that prove you’re the best of the best.

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