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Universal Soldier

- A Cinematic Adventure
 Format: Softcover  Author: Evil Genius Games  Category: Everyday Heroes  Publisher: Evil Genius Games  Published: October 1, 2023  Tags: Adventure |  Buy Now

What’s Inside

Indestructible, brutally lethal, and perfectly loyal, Universal Soldiers are the ultimate warriors—at least in theory. When the secret government project to reanimate deceased soldiers with cybernetics and strange chemicals was field-tested, things went south fast. The soldiers began to remember their lives, some went rogue, and governments and corporations across the world scrambled to create their own cybernetic super soldiers—setting the stage for dangerous combat with advanced weapons and warriors who are unpredictable and deadly. A fight for your life awaits you as you enter this dark world of adventure and combat.

Featured Content

  • Play the role of a cybernetically-enhanced warrior in a world of deadly combat
  • Battle in groups and one-on-one to achieve dangerous military objectives
  • Expose corrupt organizations that want total dominion over their obedient soldiers
  • Train to use cyborg components to wage the ultimate form of war
  • Features an included adventure, Return to Eden

The Cool Factor

Thirty years after the Universal Soldier program was shut down, shadowy organizations and secret government agencies create their own Universal Soldiers, with varying degrees of success. Explore a world of unrivaled sci-fi technology while seeking to restore your memories and connect to who you were before you were cybernetically enhanced. All the while, you and your team will face deadly cyborg warriors and advanced weapons as you fight to safely accomplish your mission.

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