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Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook

 Format: Hardcover  Author: Evil Genius Games  Category: Everyday Heroes  Publisher: Evil Genius Games  Published: April 1, 2023  ISBN: 9798986555201  Tags: Core Rulebook |  Buy Now

Everyday Heroes™ is a modern-day roleplaying system based on d20 Modern, refreshed for the 5th edition. Updated by some of d20’s original designers, Everyday Heroes will delight fans everywhere. This complete Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook for both Gamemasters and Players brings the ease of the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game into the modern era. This single rulebook is required to understand and play the contents of all of our officially licensed movie franchise games.

Featured CONTENT

  • This is the spiritual successor to d20 Modern, refreshed for the 5th Edition.
  • Play a Strong Hero, Agile Hero, Tough Hero, Smart Hero, Wise Hero, or Charming Hero.
  • Pick from a variety of classes from MMA Fighter to Scientist.
  • Select from a variety of modern backgrounds from Farmer to Raised by Assassin.
  • Enjoy a more simplified wealth system in the age of 1-Day Shipping.
  • Play a better chase mechanic that works for foot chases, car chases, or anything in between.

The Cool Factor

From the excitement of blockbuster action films to the combat options and tactical gear of first-person shooters, adventures in contemporary settings offer a wide range of opportunities and challenges for tabletop gamers. The Everyday Heroes Roleplaying Game provides everything you need to run a modern-day, d20-style campaign with elements such as car chases, computer hacking, radiation hazards, and gunplay. Why play an elf wizard when you can play John McClane or Rambo?


  • A 468-page stand-alone Core Rulebook for playing modern-day TTRPGs
  • Six d20-Modern inspired Archetypes
  • 20 New classes such as Hacker and Icon
  • 50 New Feats such as Signature Weapon and Pack Rat
  • 50 New Professions and Backgrounds such as Larper and Misfit
  • Play games from the 1900s to Near Future

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